About JustCompany

JustCompany (JC) is a free social network website.   JC was created from a global need for people to connect and respond to Covid and its ravages.   The purpose of JC is to have a social impact by combating loneliness, isolation, to nurture healthy relationships, and provide a central location for groups and communities to flourish.   Our goal is to enable members "to have as much fun as their free time allows."  Our video chat combats loneliness and isolation, especially in disadvantaged communities, including our elderly, infirmed, and socially distanced.   JC asks for donations as we do not sell member information and currently do not advertise. JC believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  JC is filling a need, and as such, it is open and available to everyone.   If you donate, you will be a founding member and displayed as such.   JC is a hybrid of popular websites.   JC lets you meet and enjoy other members' company by matching activities, communities, and events.   JC aims to bring people and groups of people together.   We encourage you to find common interests and connect.

JC is concerned with your safety.   We do not perform background checks, credit checks, or any intrusive checks.   We believe the best in people, but we are realistic and want to ensure accountability.   With that said, JC can be your brave space, so Video Chat before meeting any member.   During the chat, ask them to display a government-issued ID.   Only meet at a public location.   Always let someone know whom you are meeting, where you are meeting, and ensure the person you notify can get on the JC site and see the member you are meeting.

There's a world of things to do and see.   JC is not a "dating" website; however, you might find a special someone.   By joining the site, you can find company to enjoy experiences and learn new skills and talents from them or share your own.   Create an account and build a profile based on interests such as sports, movies, dining, concerts, theater, and so much more.  

Events are public or private. An Event is an activity + filters.  The activity is who, what, when, and where you'd like to meet. The filters include distance willing to travel, genders of attendees, and attendees' age in relation to your age.  The actual location of the event is revealed to the people you invite.   There shall be no event crashers.

Communities can be public or private.   Communities are usually focused on one of the activities.  Communities can create events much like creating a standard event.  Community events automatically invite all community members.

Instructors (Coming in version II) JC needs experts in activities who can teach.   The JC concept is to "have as much fun as your free time allows." So, learning new activities is the natural progression of the JC concept.

Advertise (Coming in version II) JC is big on local advertising.   Ads can display by Country, State, Province/County, and City/Town.   Ads are currently free.

Integrations (Coming in version II) JC hopes to be a "one-stop-shop" where you can create and share with other major social media websites.   You will be able to automate announcements, offer automated birthdays, anniversaries, and other life milestones.