More than the Social Network

The revival of JustCompany (JC) occurred after my mother experienced a debilitating stroke.  When I visited the assisted living facility, I was overwhelmed by the loneliness and despair I witnessed.  The facility was new, clean, and even had in its name the word resort.  No matter how good the food or the incredible view, being isolated from family is little more than detention.  Then came covid.  Need I relate anything else?
JC aims to combat loneliness, isolation, nurture healthy relationships, and provide a central location for groups and communities to meet up and flourish.  The free Jitsi video conferencing combats the loneliness, isolation, and partitioning of our elderly, infirmed, and distanced society members.  JC is filling a need, and as such, it should be open and available to everyone.  The video service is easy to use and registering only requires an email address, computer, or mobile device.  You can video chat on your phone, tablet, or computer.  You do not have to be alone anymore. 
Guess what? The conferencing service is stand-alone, so only one group member needs to register on JC.  We want to enrich lives.  JC is going to try and do more for the people who gave us our lives.  They labored so hard for so long only to be left in a most unpleasant emotional state until they die.  We cannot allow this!

Use the JC implementation of Jitsi Meet for free conferencing to:
  • Keep an open connection so anyone can pop in and say Hi!
  • Invite nonmembers to do the same with custom easy to remember URLs
  • Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
  • Provide the precious emotional support so many need

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