Why JustCompany?


1. A number of people gathered together; assembly
2. The fact of being with someone; companionship
JustCompany(JC) The act of having company,

The concept of "agree to disagree" is eroding.  It seems disagreements have given way to outright hatred, and it is everywhere.   Country against a country, a political party against party, one race against that race, faith against faith, and even one age group with dim views of that age group.   There is a new artificial blinding glare, and we wonder in its brilliance.   Social media have all chosen sides, and they focus on the differences.  Such focus only divides us more.  Such leviathan platforms isolate, segment, and partition society on a global scale.  One must ask if making money, gaining power, worth the divisiveness and hate?  There are few safe places.  We witness riots, demonstrations, wars, and rumors of wars, but there is no end in sight, even worse.   We need to stop and get a new mindset, a paradigm shift, a sea change.   If the people who manage or run a particular group lose their power over you, don't you think we would all benefit?  So, how do we do this?  Stop listening!  Please permit me to repeat that, STOP LISTENING!  Don't let them occupy space in your mind and pay for that space with anger, rage, resentment, and hatred.

JustCompany hopes to help us listen to the better angels of our nature.  We implore you to leave their darkness and be happy, joyous, and free.  This is a journey, not a destination.  :)

In kindness,